3. Revolutionary Experience

CCP Elite Database (中共精英资料库)

Revolutionary Experience

For the cadres joining the CCP before 1949, we recorded their experiences in military units, base areas, and key events for the period 1921-1949.

1. From the autumn uprising to the Red Fourth Army to the Red First Army Group before the Long March (红四军)

2. Department or county level official in the Jiangxi Soviet from its inception to the Long March (1931-1934) (江西苏维埃)

3. Administrator, teachers, or students at the Anti-Japanese Military Political University (1936-1942) (抗日军政大学)

4. Jingganshan Guerilla Area in the 1927-1929 period (井冈山)

5. Red Fourth Front Army - Hubei, Henan, Anhui Base Area (红四方面军)

6. Red Second Front Army - Xiang'e Base Area (红二方面军)

7. Long March (长征)

8. New Fourth Army or Eight Route Army (新四军/八路军)

9. Base Area during First Civil War period (第一次国共内战时期)

10. Base Area during Anti-Japanese War period (抗日战争时期)

11. Base Area during Second Civil War period (解放战争时期)

12. Regional Administrations (中共中央地方局)

13. Volunteer armies during the Korean War and Vietnam's Resistance against France and the US (抗美援朝、援越)